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Welcoming Our New 2018-2019 Executive Team

Co-President: Alana Morrone

Co-President: Mathumitha Sureshkumar

Vice President: Christine Kim

Communications Director: Bailey Thompson

Finance Director: Avery Dechief

Marketing Director: Hanna Jedemann

Social Director: Gillian Wilton

Mentorship Director: Sarah Roberts

Outreach Director: Jenna Wemple

Outreach Intern: Jules Thomas



Join our Big Sister/Little Siter Program!

The Big Sister, Little Sister program is a mentorship program for female engineers where an upper-year student is paired up with an incoming first year student. Throughout the year, they will have the opportunity be a part of a great support system and to attend many Women in Engineering (WiE) events together.
Click here to join as a little sister (first year)!
Click here to join as a big sister (upper year)!




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