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What is Women in Engineering?

What Do We Do?

Why is It Necessary to Have a Women in Engineering Group?

Why is Engineering a Great Career Choice for Women?

  1. Love the work that you do and have time to live your life
  2. Make a difference and change the world
  3. Help others
  4. Be creative
  5. Work with intelligent people
  6. Solve problems and invent new things
  7. Never a dull moment
  8. Excellent salary
  9. Enjoy job flexibility
  10. Travel

Women in Engineering Facts

  • In Canada, women didn't graduate from engineering programs until the 1920's
  • Today, only 7% of all licensed engineers in Ontario are women
  • The Engineering Department at Western opened in 1954, and our the first female graduated in 1966
  • Today, the number of women enrolled in Ontario Engineering Schools is approximately 20%

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